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Welcome to the Life Card Users Privilege Club Website

Yes, to be in contact with such high and pure energies as of the Life Card is a privilege. A privilege reserved for a few elite who understand and value the Divine and the Energy. It has been proven without doubt by the quantum physicists that the physical world we live in is essentially non-physical. That matter is just condensed energy. And energy has consciousness. With that knowledge and the powerful energies of the Life Card in your hands, you can shape your life as you wish it to be.

Within the pages of this website, you will find a wealth of life changing information. And when you will apply that knowledge along with the Life Card, surely good luck, success, health and happiness will follow you all your life.


Life Card’s 9 Way Action



Healing Codes Most Powerful Aura Enhancer and Chakral Balancer – Removes pain in minutes


Psychic Power Unlock Your Inner Energy to Get What You Want


Prosperity Codes Most Powerful Wealth Attractor


Harmony Codes - Heal Relationships – Bring Harmony in place of Hostility


Water, Medicine and Food Energizer Energized Water at Your Home and Workplace Daily 365 days a year – Add Vitality and Life to Your Food – Get rid of side-effects from your medicines and cooking oil 


Environment Harmonizer Home and Workplace Energy Harmonizer – Most Powerful Vastu and Feng Shui Balancer


Psychic Protection Protection from Negative Vibes and Energetic Contamination


Protection from Electro-Magnetic Pollution and Radiation


Spiritual Growth Meditate effortlessly and more deeply – Super Charge Your Intuition




Important Usage Information

Life Card is like the electricity power socket. When you have electricity in your homes, you have the power to use it as per your wishes. But if you don’t plug in anything into the socket nothing happens. Your TV, ACs, music systems, computer, bulbs and fans, all are dead until you plug them into the socket. Then they come alive.

Although many people who are sensitive to energy can feel the energies once they are plugged into the Life Card. That is once they take Life Card into their hands or keep in their pockets. Essentially to be in contact with the Life Card. But once this energy is directed, focused like a powerful laser beam onto your wish/goal, the Life Card becomes a wish-fulfilling genie.

How you do that is you make positive affirmations/prayers asking just one wish at one period of time. If you ask many things then the energies become dissipated. And the probability of you achieving those many goals become much lesser than if you had focused it like a laser beam onto a single goal/wish. Of course, when one wish gets fulfilled, you can plug in some other wish.

And for those who are not sensitive to their auras and energies, it is all the more important to make use of positive affirmations/prayer to focus this energy to a single goal. Because although just by being in contact with the Life Card their aura and chakras become big, balanced and powerful, yet they cannot feel that. And they feel nothing much is happening, if no major improvement happens very quickly. Or so to say if no miracle happens overnight.

Actually what happens is the small improvements that happen in our lives immediately after we have the Life Card (within a week or so), we don’t notice them. And when the Big improvements happen over a period of time which is sometimes slow, again we are unable to notice or pinpoint the cause of those improvements to be the balanced and powerful aura and chakras due to Life Card’s presence with us. That is very human.

Let me tell you an actual real life case study. Once a Life Card user called and said I can’t find any changes in my family’s financial conditions even after these fifteen days since I got the Life Card and Prosperity Attractor Card and started using them. Her family was facing serious financial problems for last two years. The husband’s large business closed down 2 years ago. They had to sold their large Farmhouse worth Crores (Millions) and were now living in a rented property. The son started an online business which ran well initially but now for past six months was without any income. The sales have dried. The point is that they didn’t had any income for last six months and were in debts.

My first question to that is usually, how have you been using the cards. She told me she is saying prayers on the Life Card for her son’s business.  And that the Prosperity Attractor Card is in his wallet. Another Life Card was with the husband. Now, she said after they got the Life Card, the husband’s business has not restarted which they wanted to restart. She further added (pay attention here), last week the son got a job (with a good salary), but his business has not improved. Now if you look objectively, the family income increased many thousands rupees after they got the Life Card, but we usually don’t notice those improvements or as I said are not able to pinpoint the cause of those improvements to be the balanced and powerful aura and chakras due to Life Card’s presence with us.

Its like this. Sometimes we are digging for gold at one site (that’s our salvation door so to speak). Now when you have the Life Card, which you take usually after you have been digging at that site (read knocking at that door) for a long time.  The intuitive energies or the divine energies that are now unlocked within you because of Life Card, knows what we don’t know. That either there is no gold at that site, or its still quite deep and it will take a lot of focused effort, energies and TIME to reach the gold at that site. So to give you instant relief, it shows you so many other sites (read windows) where there may not be so much gold that you are expecting in the first site you were digging. But it is just below the surface and can be had in much less time and effort.

So what we do, we get all that gold from the new sites (read windows) and are still unhappy that we have not struck gold at the old site (still knocking at the door). You forget that if you just follow your intuition which definitely will increase with the Life Card, and if you keep listening, many more gold sites (read many more windows will be opened) will be revealed to you by the divinity.

Of course, the many testimonials you read of people who got immediate results, are like very near to the gold but have now no more strength to continue or have taken a wrong turn. So the divine energies just give them that extra strength or steer them away from the wrong turn and lo.. they struck gold in no time. We call it a miracle. 

So please read the FAQ page properly and chose the appropriate positive affirmation or prayer according to your need from the Prayers page. Preferably use the same words, because they have been written after a lot of experience and guidance.

To your success, with love and peace.

Pour New Energy in Your Life


Your Aura Without LIFE CARD



Your Aura With LIFE CARD


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Healing and Medicine are two very different disciplines and the law requires the following disclaimer. The information on this website is not medicine, nor is Life Card a medicinal tool, but healing and thus does not constitute medical advice. In case of serious illness, please consult the practitioner of your choice.





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